Devote Yourself All The Way

It’s past the halfway mark of January, about the time when new year resolutions are starting to dwindle….are yours?

We would challenge you to revisit all those things you had decided to improve and/or change and make a word swap. Instead of “I want to…” or “I am going to…”, try this on: “I commit to….” 

If you have a desire to be great and not mediocre, you need commitment coupled with the desire to be great. Great people are not born, they are made. Enthusiasm is great, but can only take you so far. We are here to convince you to dig in at another level, to take your commitment all the way.

Let’s define the word Commit:

To devote oneself completely to something.

This could be anything! But commitment is required for anyone to be truly great at anything. If you don’t like the results you have now, understand that you made the decision to have them. (sad emoji face)

But as we’re talking about fitness, health and well-being, that means you have to do what? Devote your time, energy, focus and resources to mastering fitness, health and well-being! You must eliminate any other options.

In fact, small, daily commitments are made that go unnoticed for their unimportance: like when you park your car. Do you get confused? Should I go here, or here, no, here. No! You see the space, you commit to the space and you park.

Look, even if you’re not sure if it’s the right thing, commit! At least you’ll find out faster!

Now, commitments cannot take place without an action to follow. People who say, “I’m committed” then do nothing…were not committed. This is the lovely term, lip service!

Here’s what you can do.

First, everyday ask yourself, “How can I commit and devote myself all the way?”

Second, write down the ways in which you’re not committed and then the things to do in order to get in all the way. And then make them happen. Let us help you make them happen and go all the way. We’d love to help you find solutions for your list, whether that be product recommendations, scheduling and timing issues or whatever!

To your commitments!

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