Our Plan to Time and Freedom

Total wellness is more than just physical well being. Total wellness is experiencing well being in every aspect of life, including jobs or career, finances and relationships. Many people experience stress in their relationships due to difficult situations or a lack of a fulfilling and satisfying job or career. Frequently when financial situations improve, relationships with those closest tends to improve as well.

My parents were Herbalife distributors since I was five years old. Naturally I have been using the products since then but I consciously decided to start on the products when I was in school. I loved how the Formula 1 allowed me to eat in two minutes and save money – it’s like fast food for smart people. I saw how people were changing their lives with the products and with the opportunity and decided to start my own Herbalife business when I was still in school. My challenge was that I had no work experience. In Herbalife it didn’t matter. I immediately got started building up a customer base. As I went to the trainings and meetings and helped more people, my business grew and by the third month I was making more income than my teachers at school. Not having to worry about asking my parents for money gave me amazing confidence. I was consistent – that was the key. It’s as simple as using the products, wearing the brand, and talking to people with enthusiasm, passion and honesty. I’ve been on these products now for over thirty years, keeping my body percentage in the teens and my metabolic age under the age of my oldest kid. I just turned forty and am in better shape now than when I met my wife! We worked hard and are excited about helping people. It’s all led to an extraordinary lifestyle for the last twenty years. We get to raise our four kids working from home and we can also be available whenever for my aging parents. It’s complete freedom.

Now we are continuing to expand our business on our mobile adventure. It’s kind of like having our own health and nutrition store in a strip mall in a town. We have some clients who have been with us for over nineteen years. The fact of having no overhead, employees and headaches that normally go along with a brick and mortar establishment makes it possible to be anywhere and still do business. Thank you internet! People enter our “establishment”  and anywhere we have a decent internet connection we’re live. We are positioned in the marketplace with focus on: nutrition, weight loss, and teaching people how to enjoy a healthy & active life.

Herbalife has never been about selling a bunch of products – it’s always been about getting people results. Helping clients is beautiful, seeing their transformation and the change in mindset along their journey. This leads to loyal clients coming back to us for their family’s nutritional needs thereby affecting the quality of life of people we may never have been able to reach. People’s results are our best advertising. Being a Personal Coach, we love the many hats this represents. We become a source of support, an educator on wellness needs and a builder of relationships by learning how to follow up with people. Weight loss is temporary, wellness is for ever. Just like exercising or saving money fitness and wellness is a life long process. Everyone needs good nutrition and we have the solution.

Serious people that really want to make a difference in their lives and others and that have a true desire to have something different happen to them financially while putting in the work are in the right place! We need like minded, adventurous people to help share this gift of nutrition and wellness!

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