Tracking Progress Without Those Scales!

Tracking your results helps you manage them and feel better faster. If you are more aware of your results, you may be able to better manage your lifestyle choices, make informed health decisions, and prevent or avoid triggers.

Scale results are helpful, but they are one dimensional, often inaccurate and certainly don’t tell a complete story. Unfortunately, we then become obsessed with the scale results and depending on which way it moves, our mood and resolve is affected. 

Keep tracking progress though! It’s the only way to see that you are moving! But instead of relying on that scale, use these 3 ways to really see your success.

1. Take progress pictures!

Progress pictures are a great way to measure your progress because they show what the scales don’t!

Maybe your bum is looking more perky – the scales won’t show you that!

Top Tip: Take your pictures from the same angle, with the same background and same underwear each week

2. Take your measurements!

Accurately taking your measurements of your hips, waist, arms, legs and bum will give you a great measure of your progress. Maybe you’ve shaved inches off your waist?

You’ll never know if you don’t take your measurements!

Top Tip: Use a mole or other marks on your skin to ensure you take the measurements at the same point each week!

3. Use your clothes!

Do your clothes feel a little looser? Does your belt need a new notch? Are your jeans sliding up your legs a little easier or getting stuck on your new perky booty?

Using your clothes is a great way of knowing if your hard work is paying off.

Top Tip: REMEMBER your clothes are meant to fit you, not the other way around. If your clothes are feeling a little tight, it’s ok to size up! You shouldn’t feel uncomfortable every day.

Sometimes it helps to have someone who you can report to each week. Having someone in your corner cheering you on 🎉 – lifting you when you’re struggling. Or sharing those same struggles with you because they’re working toward the same thing. It does make a difference. It helps me personally, and I know it has also helped my clients (past & present).

Working with a coach can give you a sounding board … a problem-solving partner … someone who can step back and offer some perspective on your goals and your progress!

If you’re ready to stop going at it alone, we’re here to help you with a proven plan that’s designed to get you from A to Z in a way that works with your lifestyle, schedule, and goals!And that, of course, supports you every step of the way.

Learn more about how we support our clients.

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