To Do ListS ?!

It’s getting real over here! As I’m a huge planner and organizer-my speciality being making order out of a mess-I have to say I’m very excited with this part. Helping our oldest pack for her adventure to BC last week, I was more than willing to stay up until 2 in the morning re-arranging her bag as she agonized over how to fit it all and the pain of having to leave the 10 extra shirts she had packed.

the app “things” is our task manager

I’ve made my listS-there is:

  • the to clean list,
  • the tell this person this and that list,
  • the what can I already pack list,
  • the to buy list
  • and the don’t forget this and that list.

As we’re turning into globetrotters, we have managed to find a house sitter or renter to care for things around the house, but that adds its own special list the make sure our house is ready for a guest and all the valuables are locked up list. That one I have to say, is the most fun as it means–decluttering, my new favourite pastime.

Still some things don’t fit in my categories

There’s not enough of them to actually merit new individual lists altogether. Like:

  • Where is there a mountain trail to hike in Punta Cana? And in the other legs of our trip, but more on that later.
  • Which bathing suit do I bring-all or none? (buy there?)
  • What’s the best method to get a fake tan so I don’t look like the underside of a shark?
  • How do I easily and safely manage all 12 passports we have to cart around for this next 4 legs of our globetrotting?

Please! Comment below any suggestions to these so far unanswered questions!

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