Welcome to The Kassam Clan, a tale of a Fit Families’ Adventures

We’re Erin and Hakim Kassam, parents of four curious girls. We run a nutrition and coaching business, home educate and travel as often as we can. Over the past 13 years we’ve been working and educating from our home—but our next phase is just beginning.

The purpose of our blog is to share the story of how we manage our adventures as a family, interacting with the world, all around the world. We’re learning to change our mindset to realize that our everyday life is an adventure that we get to not only experience and learn from, but it is what makes us who we are and the need to embrace that is necessary to a happy and fulfilled life. In the battle against conventional beliefs, we focus on three core areas: Life, Education and Travel.

All of the writing on the The Kassam Clan site is presented freely with no outside advertising. If you’d like to support the project, pass it on to someone who might be interested.

You can follow along every day by Instagram, or just by checking in here at the site.

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